Second Grade Supply & Wish List 2018-2019

Donations from this list will be shared among all second grade students and teachers.  Thank you!


2-pocket folders (2)

crayons (1 box of 24)

colored pencils (1 box of 24)

disinfecting wipes (1 canister)

dry erase markers (1 pack of 4)

earbuds for iPad (1 pair)

erasers (1 package of 2 pink, large)

glue sticks (1 pack of 4)

hand sanitizer (1 bottle)

hand soap (1 bottle)

Kleenex (1 box)

pencils (1 box of 24 Ticonderoga #2)

Ziploc bags (1 box of sandwich, quart, or gallon)


For each student:  

backpack (for student to bring to school each day)

water bottle, reusable (with student’s name clearly written)

headphones or earbuds